Dramatisation and Public Debate (Free) Tickets Available Here

Byre Theatre, St Andrews, 6 May, 2016, 7-9 pm.

On 29 February 1528, twenty-four year old Patrick Hamilton was brought before an ecclesiastical tribunal at St Andrews Cathedral and convicted of preaching the heretical doctrines of Martin Luther. He was burnt at the stake on North Street, outside St Salvator’s Chapel on the same day.

Here you can find out more about the life, trial and execution of Patrick Hamilton. This site is intended to complement an evening organised by the St Andrews Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research at the Byre Theatre on 6 May, 7-9pm. All are welcome to this event, in which dramatised aspects of the trial will be followed by a debate about the issues from Hamilton's case which remain relevant today.

Our Panellists

Three legal experts will join us at the Byre Theatre on 6 May. Each will provide their own perspective on Hamilton's trial and discuss the extent to which the legal issues arising from the case have contemporary relevance...

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Patrick Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton was from a noble family and related to royalty. He was the great-grandson of James II of Scotland...

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